Roman Gaba-an artist in metal,has made more than 5 000 sculptural items from metal. His most significant  work-is the “Ternopil Clock” in the center of Ternopil,which were restored according to the archival documents.


A bit of 9th September 2014 history:

The restoration work had been stretching for almost a year,which ended with a setting an unique watches with 3 clock faces in the central part  of Ternopil.


 Alexey Burnaev  jointly with Lviv`s “metal wizard” Roman Gaba made an appropriative clockwork for this chronometer.



This watches is an exactly copy of old urban ones,which were situated on this place since 1902,but it was destroyed in time of the Second World War.”An old watces were destroyed 70 years ago in war times.Now,when we have restorated,it is not a peace time”,-noticed the chief of  Ternopil`s  culture`s  control Alexander Smikh

Ternopil`s  mayor Sergey Nadal was an initiator  of  restorating an ancient watches.So,all of this works were done without spending  budget`s money.”The watches were made with an old photos and blueprints.The exact time on it controls by the GPS satellite.The mayor of Ternopil hopes the square near the watches to become a popular meeting place for the regional centre.



Not to be damaged by the vandals,the chronometer is surrounded with the video-control.Ternopil`s watches are very unique for Ukraine.There is just one such chronometer in the world.The second such watches with three chronometers are situated in the French city Am`en.They were set in the end of the  19th century.Even on the point of working out,the rebuilted Ternopil`s chronometer was recorded to the list of “World`s clockwork inheritance”








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